Australian Open Joined The Metaverse Through A Collaboration With Decentraland

NFT and metaverse are two new sectors that have become popular recently, and the Australian Open is now part of both of these new groups.

This year’s tournament will be held on Decentraland, the world’s most popular virtual reality platform. Fans may enter the tournament by buying non-replaceable tokens linked with tennis matches.

Australian Open is a tennis event held annually in Melbourne, Australia. The first tournament was held in 1905, and it was then known as the Australasian Championships; it became an annual event in 1925 and has been played every year since.

Australian Open in virtual reality

As you are probably aware, a new variation of COVID-19 known as Omnicron has just ruled the planet. As a result, the Australian Open organizers opted to increase access for both foreign fans and locals who want to participate.

The tournament will also take place in Decentraland, and guests will be able to watch tennis matches and dine at the Rod Laver Arena. Craig Tiley, Tournament Director, had the following to say about the newest move:

Fans across the world will have the chance to experience the Australian Open in a manner that has never been possible before, thanks to this next generation of technology.

Additionally, the organization will provide 6776 non-removable tokens. It will be dubbed “Art Ball NFTs,” Each NFT will represent the tournament’s winning shot. If one of the 11 championship points is at stake, the holder of the matching NFT will be eligible to receive an actual tennis ball from the match in a custom-made case.

Art Ball NFT will be available on January 10. The DAO Decentraland event will begin a week later, on January 17, and it will take place on the same day as the physical tournament.

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