BinanceUS will suspend US dollar deposits & withdrawal

Binance’s American subsidiary urged customers to withdraw the funds from the platform or take decisions accordingly, as its banking partners are going to suspend their service support for the exchange.

BinanceUS is an American subsidiary of the global crypto exchange Binance. On 5 June, BinanceUS sued by the United States Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) over alleged several charges. Following the lawsuit action, BinanceUS delisted 101 crypto assets trade pairs.

On 9 June 2023, Binance released a new notification for the customers and confirmed that US dollar deposit & withdrawal services will not be available from 13th June, so decide to use the holding fiat funds on the platform accordingly.

The BinanceUS team explained the proper reason and noted that the Banking partners of this exchange are facing regulatory pressure & this is the reason why they are going to suspend their support for the BinanceUS platform. 

The announcement confirmed that it will not impact services on the Binance exchange, its global crypto trade platform.

CZ addresses his death FUD

On 7 June, Binance’s CEO said that he used an AK47 gun under pressure, as Binance & its subsidiary is facing regulatory hurdles in the US, & in response, the police fired first & Zhao got wasted. 

CZ said that it is not the first time, earlier this a similar kind of fake news was covered by an Asian news website. 

A few people said that a few bad actors are trying to take advantage of this tensioned situation, as they can manipulate the trade price of Binance coin (BNB) & further can easily make a profit at a high position trades.

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