‘BitBoy’ Ben Armstrong Is Being Sued By FTX Class Action Attorneys

Ben Armstrong ‘BitBoy’ is alleged to have sent ‘daily violent threats’ via email, phone, and social media to an attorney in the FTX class action lawsuit.

Armstrong allegedly communicated with Adam Moskowitz, the attorney representing the respondents, via email, social media, and telephone in the weeks following the lawsuit’s filing in March.

The attorneys initially filed a complaint against Armstrong in March, alleging that he had “left voicemails” directed at the council, including one to Moskowitz claiming:

“We’re going to have First Amendment protesters around your house 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

The most recent filing indicates that the attorneys were unable to serve Armstrong until April 5. A court hearing was sought by the attorneys engaged in the case so that they could address the “serious matters of Armstrong’s conduct to date.”

Armstrong claims that in response to being served, he instructed the process server to inform Moskowitz that he will “bury” the attorneys. “You’re going to pay, buddy,” he threatened at the end of the message.

Armstrong had previously called Moskowitz ‘a wandering piece of human waste’ in a tweet. The attorneys are also requesting a hearing in a separate class action lawsuit against Armstrong.

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