Cardano blockchain upgraded to Alonzo White

Input-Output Hong Kong (one of the companies behind Cardano blockchain) announced today that it has successfully upgraded its Alonzo testnet to the Alonzo White Network.

Yesterday’s Twitter update by IOHK showed that the Alonzo network had passed through a hard fork dubbed Alonzo White.

We will be closely monitoring the new network for the next 24 hours while continuing further QA work at the node tonight. Tomorrow we will review all feedback/results and start making the required corrections. We expect a lot of updates as we add features to Alonzo White.

Cardano’s blockchain is currently undergoing a multi-phase Alonzo update that will add smart-contract functionality. Each phase, named blue, purple, and white, will add more functionality and features. The mainnet will be deployed by September’s end.

Hardfork Alonzo White succeeded now what next?

According to some estimates, Alonzo Purple will be introduced in August. This is yet another step towards the Goguen age.

Some estimates place the August introduction of Alonzo Purple. This is another step towards a Goguen era.

Emurgo, who was one of the original creators of the Cardano protocol, described some of Alonzo’s benefits to the ecosystem. The ability to test smart contracts is one of them. It is worth noting, Alonzo will go fully public when it is introduced into the purple phase. This should be the next phase.

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