Cardano’s first scaling solution based on ZK rollups is created

Orbis will be the first Layer 2 ZK rollup solution on the Cardano blockchain. Its primary purpose is to support DeFi apps and a rapidly evolving ecosystem.

According to an official blog post by the protocol’s creators, Orbis has a very high level of transaction scalability and throughput. Cardano will be able to transform into a “global financial system,” according to the company. Transactions will take place off-chain, on Orbis Layer 2, like with other zk-based systems.

They will then be integrated into a single ZK proof (zero-knowledge), which will be sent on-chain to Cardano’s Layer 1 and confirmed. The Prover and Verifier are the two key components of the Orbis solution.

The Prover off-chain system’s goal is to create zkSNARK evidence that can be used to validate transactions. Users can check the status of rollup and post-transaction with this tool. On the other hand, Verifier is a smart contract that runs on the blockchain, and its primary function is to settle transactions on the Cardano blockchain. We can read the following in the post:

Orbis provides an off-chain environment for smart contract validator code to run in. Instead of being used to create transactions on Cardano’s Layer 1, the validator code is used to create transactions on the Layer 2 rollup in this case. PlutusTx smart contracts will be easily transferable using Orbis.

Orbis will also support Pluto and Plutarch, which are two programming languages.

Cardano is frequently referred to as an Ethereum “killer”. But every blockchain must scale. However, according to Orbis, Hydra is not the ideal solution. The startup praised Orbis’ capacity to scale the network while maintaining Cardano’s basic design principles. It can now safely host RealFi and DeFi apps.

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