eZTracker platform verifying COVID-19 vaccines via blockchain

The SAP blockchain is used by Zuellig Pharma’s eZTracker platform to track and authenticate COVID-19 vaccinations. The platform’s mission is to combat counterfeit vaccines.

eZTracker is fighting fake vaccines

Zuellig Pharma, a Singapore-based healthcare company, is using blockchain to track COVID-19 vaccines. This is to prevent doctors from prescribing outdated medications to their patients.

The new “eZTracker” management system, according to Zuellig Pharma, can help prevent the use of improperly kept or counterfeit vaccines by allowing customers to check their origin and legitimacy via a mobile app.

According to Daniel Laverick, vice president and head of Zuellig Pharma’s digital and data solutions, it is possible to avoid expired or wrongly stored vaccines.

eZTracker utilizes blockchain technology to collect and track data to increase supply chain transparency. The eZTracker website details the system’s operation as follows:

You can quickly determine whether or not your product comes from an authorized distributor by scanning the QR code on the packaging.

The blockchain-based technology will allow patients to scan the data matrix on product packaging to validate essential product information such as expiration date, temperature, and provenance using a blockchain-based application, Laverick explained.

SAP Blockchain operates as a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS), allowing its customers to create custom blockchain extensions for their existing apps using the SAP Blockchain platform.

In 2020, Zuellig worked with MSD to implement eQTrakcer in Hong Kong, which was used to track vaccines against the human papillomavirus Gardasil.

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