Cybercriminals attack the domain registrar Namecheap with a crypto-hacking operation

The email account of Namecheap with SendGrid was stolen and used to perform a phishing attack posing as DHL and MetaMask.

Users of MetaMask were cautioned to be aware of unsolicited emails appearing to come from the team and to not follow any links included within them.

The email account of domain name registrar Namecheap was compromised, leading to a massive phishing effort that may have affected thousands of people and stolen cryptocurrency.

Namecheap’s email service provider, SendGrid, was the source of the assault. It was used by cybercriminals to carry out their phishing attack. The account is now again under management.

There is proof that our email upstream system is distributing spam to customers. Namecheap said that the incident was promptly halted.

Namecheap’s SendGrid was breached, and the attacker used it to send phishing emails to the service’s customers pretending to come from legitimate companies like DHL and the cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask. While the DHL-looking phishing email looked like an invoice for shipping costs, the MetaMask email warned users that they needed to verify their identities via the service or have their wallets frozen.

If the recipient of the email opened the link, they would be sent to a fake website that asked for sensitive information such as their private key or recovery phrase. 

A statement was issued by MetaMask in reaction to the assault, advising users to be aware of any unsolicited emails purporting to come from the team. 

The scam emails and websites are expertly crafted to seem official so that potential victims would be fooled into giving up personal information. Identity theft and illegal access to bank accounts are just two examples of what may happen when sensitive data falls into the wrong hands.

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