Vitalik Buterin Gives $150,000 to Turkey’s Disaster affected

Ethereum co-founder and important figure, Vitalik Buterin, has given a large gift to help those who lost everything in the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

Multiple outlets have reported that Buterin donated around $150,000 worth of Ether to Ahbap Earthquake Support in the wake of the recent earthquake that hit both nations.

In a single transaction, Vitalik sent 99 ETH (about $150,000 at the time) from the address “vitalik.eth” in his wallet to a wallet called “Ahbap Yardm,” as shown by a search on the Etherscan blockchain.

Buterin’s generous donation will undoubtedly have a good influence on the organization’s efforts to help the tragedy’s victims.

The donation also demonstrates the expanding use of cryptocurrencies for charity contributions.

Natural disasters make it more difficult for individuals to access cash for basics such as food and medical supplies via conventional banking services. The process of getting money will be considerably streamlined and accelerated by cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

Changpeng Zhao, the chief executive officer of Binance, remarked in a press release that the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria had devastated so many people and towns.

“We pray that our help may provide some comfort to those in need. In addition, we are requesting that our industry peers once again join together to give assistance at this time of difficulty,” Zhao remarked.

On Monday, millions of people in Turkey and Syria had their lives irreversibly transformed by two earthquakes that hit in rapid succession and blasted shockwaves hundreds of kilometres away.

The earthquakes measured 7.8 and 7.5 on the Richter scale, were separated by nine hours, and were the region’s strongest in over a century.

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