Cardano Introduces Smart Contracts for Public Test Network

According to IOHK, Cardano Alonzo’s test network is now in the purple phase. The new phase will not only launch smart contacts on the most important blockchain but it will also be blue and white.

All participants in the pioneering Plutus program and betting pool as well as exchange operators are welcome to test network Alonzo Purple.

Alonzo Blue or Alonzo White could only be used by 50 to 500 people, respectively.

According to Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, Cardano will begin implementing cryptocurrency exchanges. The hard fork will be announced mid-August.

The Alonzo hard fork will be deployed to the core network in accordance by IOHK’s deployment strategy, which was announced late May.

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To implement Cardano smart contracts, the ADA team has divided the process into three color-coded phases. Going forwards, Goguen plans to integrate smart contracts into the ADA network to enable decentralized apps (DApps).

Cardano initially announced the availability of smart contracts after launched the Alonzo Blue test network. After a hard fork on July 15, more exchanges, betting pools, and nearly 500 validators could operate. With more users, Purple hopes to integrate the feature more widely.

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