FOMO BULL CLUB: Revolutionizing Memecoin Launches with a Decentralized Launchpad

Singapore, Singapore, March 26th, 2024, Chainwire

FOMO BULL CLUB, an exclusive, multichain, decentralized launchpad and liquidity hub for memecoins, targets key challenges in their launch process. By creating a launch framework on networks such as Polygon, Solana, Ethereum, Manta Network, and SUI, it removes the risk of rug pulls and guarantees instant utility for newly launched memecoins.

FOMO BULL CLUB has been generating buzz on X, thanks to its highly successful member sale last month, which sold out in just 15 minutes, and its confirmed exchange listings of the $FMBC token on Bitget, Mexc, LBank, and Bitmart.

Without gatekeepers, Member NFT holders are empowered to propose, launch, or relaunch memecoins by contributing liquidity to the launch pool of a memecoin. Upon reaching the launch pool’s threshold, the memecoin is minted, assuring instant liquidity, staking, and farming.

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Highlighting its member-centric approach, FMBC announces the launch of the first memecoin, $FUSD – “THE UNSTABLE COIN,” at MEMECON, Lisbon, on May 28th.


FOMO BULL CLUB is a members-only, decentralized launchpad and liquidity club. It initially supports memecoins on the Polygon network and is set to expand its platform to include Ethereum, Solana, Manta Network, and SUI. Member NFT holders propose and vote on either the launch of new or the re-launch of existing memecoins on FMBC, by contributing to their launch liquidity pools. Launches are fully automated, decentralized, and created with liquidity farming, LPT staking, and LPT farming. This approach grants memecoins launched on FMBC instant utility and maximized sustainability. Once the minimum required for a memecoin launch pool has been staked by members (LPs), the pool is automatically created on a leading DEX like Uniswap and then shared with non-club members of our herd and the general public. Memecoins are immediately distributed to LP’s wallets without any lockups or vesting. Smart contracts are audited, and ownership is renounced with zero possibility of a rug pull.

Users can join the meme coin revolution at

Secure your spot in the $FMBC Community Sale:






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