Man accused of UN crypto fraud pushed by the son of Nancy Pelosi

This week, a 50-year-old man was convicted for stealing $600,000 from investors via a crypto investment scheme supported by the son of Nancy Pelosi and sponsored by a fake United Nations partner.

The WSA said that it was collaborating with the United Nations to promote peace in developing nations via a variety of sports projects. However, it was revealed in 2014 that the group was in reality seeking to mine diamonds and gold from Africa and had never established a sport-related venture.

Saint Clair used the funds for his own personal purposes, including meals in New York, travel, and internet shopping.

Attorneys said, “Asa Saint Clair exploited the yearning of ordinary individuals to participate in a better future… Saint Clair is held responsible by today’s punishment for openly deceiving investors while filling his own pockets (Via DOJ).

In 2017, it was reported that Pelosi Jr. mentioned “a WSA endorsement” while negotiating youth soccer collaborations with the Ukrainian government in a now-private video.

According to the Daily Mail, Pelosi Jr. has not been charged in the Saint Clair case nor has he been named in any court documents.

Initially denying any misconduct, Saint Clair brought the matter to trial. Two weeks later, in March 2020, a jury convicted him guilty.

He was found guilty of wire fraud, sentenced to 42 months in prison, and forced to pay $613,417 in restitution.

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