Mercedes-Benz and Polygon will create a blockchain data-sharing platform

Daimler South East Asia, a Mercedes-Benz Group firm will develop a blockchain-based data-sharing network using Polygon.

A new decentralised data-sharing network called Acentrink will let companies buy, sell, and exchange data. Daimler South East Asia partnered with polygon and created the new platform. In addition, it will enable users to exchange diverse data, such as insurance information, clinical trial results, and more.

The co-founder of Polygon announced the relationship with Mercedes-Benz in a tweet on July 27:

While on July 28, the CEO of Polygon responded with the following tweet: “The project provides more evidence of the extensive use of the Polygon network by leading businesses. Polygon continues to shown its promise as one of the most reliable blockchain platforms for businesses”.

Recent increases for Polygon’s cryptocurrency MATIC have been substantial. The price of MATIC has increased by 9.5% over the last 24 hours, trading at $0.95 at the time of writing.

Moreover, the Polygon blockchain has just developed its zkEVM solution, which allows a much greater throughput while keeping the security of the Ethereum network.

Data security

Despite the fact that data sharing is a highly sensitive and sometimes contentious topic, the necessity for data sharing has increased across sectors due to the growth of internet services.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence need vast quantities of data, however, firms own vast quantities of data without reaping its full financial advantages. This has resulted in the creation of a marketplace where businesses may purchase and sell data.

This method enables new technology businesses to join in blockchain-based data sharing efforts, therefore helping them find a foothold in a data-driven competitive environment and enhancing user security and privacy.

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