Microsoft and Ankr collaborate to provide enterprise node services

The agreement will provide Web3 projects with low-latency blockchain connectivity, allowing developers to concentrate on growing their apps.

Microsoft has teamed up with Ankr, a supplier of decentralized blockchain infrastructure, to provide a new kind of node hosting service via the Azure Marketplace. In addition, Ankr’s blockchain infrastructure will be integrated with Microsoft’s cloud technologies as part of the agreement.

According to Ankr, the corporate node deployment service will provide low-latency blockchain connectivity for Web3 projects, allowing developers to focus on expanding applications. The service relays transactions, implements smart contracts, and has the ability to read and write blockchain data.

In order to further grow its transactions processes, Ankr plans to upgrade its load balancer to leverage Azure-based routing solutions. This will allow the company to more efficiently route Remote Procedure Call requests to the most appropriate nodes, allowing the company to scale more effectively. With the technical connection, customers will be able to control blockchain node hosting solutions with the option of custom memory, bandwidth, and worldwide location parameters. Chandler Song, co-founder and chief executive officer of Ankr, remarked on the event:

“The relationship, in addition to being a great milestone for Ankr, is also a critical signal of how far the decentralized web has progressed in integrating with the important stakeholders in each tier of web systems. The final effect will be a period of extraordinarily prolific development of blockchain-based apps by new Web3 organizations and huge corporations joining the area.”

Cointelegraph previously reported on 14 May 2021 that Microsoft terminated its Azure Blockchain Service without providing an official explanation. As a precaution against potential threats including cyber fraud, assaults, and illegal access to client resources, the American IT giant halted cryptocurrency mining on its cloud services on December 15, 2022.

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