MicroStrategy Increased Its Bitcoin Holdings By 1,914 Bitcoins

MicroStrategy, a software intelligence company, has bought bitcoin for the third time in four months. This time, the company purchased 1,914 BTC at an average price of $49,229 per bitcoin. MicroStrategy now holds 124,391 BTC.

MicroStrategy is an analytics and business intelligence platform with a tight alignment to the needs of business users. The interface is modern, intuitive, and offers an end-to-end suite of capabilities for analytics, data management & collaboration.

On December 9th, MicroStrategy reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that the company had purchased almost 2,000 additional bitcoins for a total of $94.2 million.

MicroStrategy entirely financed the transaction by selling class A common shares throughout the same time. In June, the business sold 167,759 shares at an average price of $565.78.

MicroStrategy’s bitcoin buying tactics are now widely used. The firm buys fresh BTC whenever the market bleeds, ensuring inexpensive bitcoin.

The purchase follows two large acquisitions in the previous month. MicroStrategy said on November 29 that it had acquired $400 million worth of bitcoin, totaling 7,000 fresh BTC to its holdings, just as the market started to fall. The software company purchased another 1,434 bitcoins for $82 million in less than two weeks.

Saylor’s company currently has over 124,391 bitcoin, making it the highest bitcoin holders among organizations in the world.

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