NFT Marketplace Rarible Unveils Tezos Integration

Rarible recently announced their implementation of the Tezos blockchain, which is reported to be highly energy-efficient and run on proof-of-stake algorithms. Renowned video game company Ubisoft also uses Tezos for its recent release, Digits.

Raribles will integrate Tezos as its third supported blockchain, following Ethereum and Flow. This strategic collaboration allows for seamless integrations between the two platforms and gives Raribles owners a new way to generate revenue through secondary NFT sales.

Tezos is a decentralized blockchain platform that can be used to build and run applications. The platform has been designed with an executable proof-of-stake consensus algorithm that makes the network more efficient than other blockchains. Tezos is currently being built on top of Ethereum, but will soon be its own standalone blockchain.

Additionally, Rarible will enable quick secondary sales of Ubisoft Digits, which are in-game collectibles that have a practical use for players. Although players have reacted negatively to Ubisoft’s recent foray into the NFT industry, Rarible co-founder and product head Alex Salnikov believes the move was a natural progression.

Salnikov told CoinDesk a two-sided shift within the blockchain gaming world. There’s continued innovation of blockchain-native games, and large game studios such as Ubisoft moving towards the blockchain to provide a better user experience.

As part of the partnership, Rarible and Tezos will also create an initial NFT collection dubbed Blazing Futures, including works from ten Tezos-based artists. Starting today, the collection will be available only via Rarible.

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