The hacker behind Poly Network has returned $256 million in cryptocurrency

The attacker who attacked the Poly Network yesterday has started returning drug money. One reason could be that Slowmist, a blockchain security firm, has learned its identity. So far, the hacker has sent $256 million in loot tokens to victims.

He created a token called “Hacker is ready for surrender” seven minutes before sending the first return transaction.

Then he returned $1 million in USDC via the Polygon blockchain. He did so in three transactions of varying amounts (10, 10,000 and 1 million). He also returned 23.8 BTCB ($1.1 million), 259.7 billion Shiba Inu tokens ($2 million), and $600,000 in stablecoin FEI.

After communicating with the Poly Network code team, the hacker promptly returned almost all assets on Binance’s smartchain. Over $119 million was sent in stablecoins BUSD (for $46.4 million BTCB), as well as 26,629 ETH (for $86 million). This chain still has BNB 6,613 at $2.6 million.

The return came less than a week after the original exploit. This was the largest breach in the DeFi ecosystem’s history. Among the stolen assets were $273 million in Ethereum tokens and $253 million each in Binance Smart Chain tokens. There was also $85 million in USDC via the Polygon Network. Tether has only been able enough to act quickly since then. Stolen USDT and Ethereum were traded for around $33million.

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