Refugees from Ukraine want to move to cryptocurrency-friendly Portugal

According to CBS News, about 3 million people have left Ukraine. Another report indicates that portugal is their preferred destination. One of the reasons is to be the cryptocurrency-friendly policy of this country.

Ukrainians seeking refuge in Portugal

A recent Bloomberg report describes 35-year-old Maria Jarocka’s journey from Ukraine to Portugal. The woman drove for six days and traveled all over Europe with her mother, young daughter and their dog to escape the war and find refuge in the cryptocurrency-friendly country of Portugal.

Her employer is NEAR Protocol, whose co-founder is also Ukrainian. Yarotska said:

I have a lot of colleagues here. They will help me legalize my documents so that I can stay.

In addition to being a cryptocurrency-friendly country, there is another reason why Ukrainians choose Portugal. It was the fifth largest group of foreigners in the country, even before the war began. Of course, this number has increased significantly, because in the last three weeks alone, 13,000 refugees have arrived in Portugal.

The Portuguese government has approved certain measures to speed up and simplify the process of entry into the country of people fleeing the war. In the three weeks since the conflict began, the same number of people from Ukraine came to Portugal as in the whole of 2015.

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