Rich Dad Poor Dad Author predicts the worst crash in decades is close

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, is predicting a massive financial crisis that would affect Bitcoin and precious metals.

The best-selling author warns his 2.1 million Twitter followers that reckless US government monetary policies are creating the worst financial crisis since the 1990s.

“EVERYTHING BUBBLE into EVERYTHING CRASH. Since the 1990s, I forewarned in my books, the largest collapse has been developing. Instead than addressing issues, the FED issued FAKE money. Everything collapses in the Everything Crash, including gold, silver, and B.C. Your financial competence is your most valuable asset in the event of a major financial crisis.”

Kiyosaki describes what he perceives to be a vicious cycle of monetary policy in the United States, beginning with excessive borrowing and culminating in a devaluation of the dollar.

Bitcoin, gold, and silver, according to Bitcoin bulls, are the greatest protection against such an economic climate.

In a recent interview, Kiyosaki said that he was waiting for Bitcoin to drop in order to acquire more BTC, indicating that he was positive about the flagship digital currency in general.

“I’m really enthusiastic and positive about blockchain, so if Bitcoin falls to $1,000, I’ll back up the truck, but if it rises to $25,000, I’ll stop purchasing…

“I recall that the price of gold in the year 2000 was $300 per ounce. You may wait until it reaches $3,000 or $30,000 per ounce before purchasing; dumb individuals purchase at the market’s peak.”

“They all enter like fools. I anticipate the next real estate market meltdown. Currently, the real estate market is collapsing, which excites me greatly since everything is going on sale… I like to pay wholesale rather than retail prices. It’s standard capitalism.”

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