Samurai Saga Is Set To Launch The ‘ONNA-BUGEISHA’ Drop Ahead Of The Launch Of Its First play-to-earn Game

Llanelli, Wales, 15th March, 2022, Chainwire

  • SAMURAI SAGA is not a typical NFT collection. It’s an entire ecosystem, developed and revolving around three unique and industry-leading components – Artwork, Staking & Gaming. 
  • Much more than the standard NFT collection, Samurai Saga is a part of the Open World where collectors can hang out with other owners to fight and battle against monsters with state-of-the-art Samurai characters
  • Now Samurai Saga is set to unleash its latest NFT collection, ‘ONNA-BUGEISHA’, to continue the battle against evil.
  • 6,666 ONNA-BUGEISHA will be available to mint exclusively between 16-18th March via

The Battle Continues! The NFT collection, SAMURAI SAGA is set to unleash the ultimate drop titled ‘ONNA-BUGEISHA’ ahead of the highly anticipated launch of its first ‘Play-to-Earn’ gaming experience.

Dropping exclusively between 16-18th March in multiple phases, Samurai Saga will release a total of 6,666 NFTs which are expected to follow the earlier success of the collection’s first drop which sold out in seconds.

ONNA-BUGEISHA’s tale is one of strength and resistance, so collectors will now benefit from taking their state-of-the-art NFT into the Open World with a tribe of breeders, creators, and ultimate warriors who are ready to join the battle against Kaiju monsters. Read the full game background here.

This latest NFT collection from Samurai Saga will play a crucial role in enhancing its ecosystem, with every ONNA-BUGEISHA harvesting $GENKI tokens (native in-game currency) through Saga’s staking system. The longer the duration, the more tokens will be harvested.

Not only will the new gripping addition amplify the wider staking system, but ONNA-BUGEISHA warriors are also unique, playable characters in the upcoming ‘Play-To-Earn’ game. Ownership of an ONNA-BUGEISHA NFT is required to gain access to this extraordinary game character universe with exclusive skills and attributes.

SAMURAI SAGA has recently released a gameplay demo, with its first demo version expected to be released in April 2022, Samurai Saga is set to launch a Web3 ‘Play-To-Earn’ gaming experience. The multiplayer warrior-inspired game will allow NFT collectors to earn rewards and tokens through multiple game modes and various honours whilst they battle.

The fully-functional game with world-class graphics will allow NFT holders to unlock new playable characters, unique attributes, and in-game skills, giving them access to utilise towards earning rewards. Whether collectors are here to fight for good or evil, the new play-to-earn game releases not only NFT earnings but weapons, exclusive avatars, and tools essential for victory in Samurai Saga’s Open World.

Samurai Saga is committed to creating an NFT collection that consists of only the best and most insanely-detailed artwork, thanks to their talented artist, Dino Tomic. The collection will continue to deliver unique artwork with every NFT produced, providing the finest visual gaming experience possible for holders to tackle each battle of glory as champions and rare legends.

As well as the drop of new NFTs and the game launch, Samurai Saga has a whole line-up of other features on the roadmap to keep collectors engaged in its ever-evolving project. From giveaways to marketing efforts, Samurai Saga is not slowing down and has big visions to continue building upon the current community that has grown to over 50,000 strong across digital platforms. 

More information on how ‘ONNA-BUGEISHA’ can be minted below: 

When Can Collectors Mint?

3/16 – 3 pm EST Genki Only Mint 

3/17 – 3 pm EST Samurai Holders Mint

3/17 – 6 pm EST Whitelist Mint

3/18 – 3 pm EST Public Mint

*Genki Mint: If users don’t have enough GENKI to mint, they can buy GENKI on UNISWAP.

*Public Mint: In order to participate in public mint users need to pre-register with their wallet.

Where Can Collectors Mint? 

The ‘ONNA-BUGEISHA’ drop will be available to mint exclusively via –

Price and Max Per Wallet 

18000 $Genki (Max 5 per wallet)

Samurai Holders: 0.25 ETH (Max 5 per wallet)

Whitelist: 0.25 ETH (Max 2 per wallet)

Public: 0.25 ETH (Max 2 per wallet)
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About Samurai Saga

  • Samurai Saga is not a typical NFT collection. It’s an entire ecosystem, developed and revolving around 3 unique and industry-leading components: 
  • 1) An NFT collection of extremely detailed artwork by in-house artist Dino Tomic, a collection consisting of the best and most insanely-detailed artwork. we will continuously deliver unique pieces of artwork with every NFT produced. 
  • 2) Staking and tokenomics – Each of our NFTs can be staked to earn our $GENKI token which will be used for future NFT drops and in-game purchases.
  • 3) A state-of-the-art Play-to-Earn – an online multiplayer game where players will be able to earn rewards while enjoying the ultimate gaming experience
  • Inspired by samurai lore and love of robots, The Samurai Saga is an army of 9999 randomly generated NFTs that represent various Samurais types 
  • As the story goes, The Samurais have been secretly watching over the world for the last 145 years, knowing that one day they would be needed again to fight evil – the time has come – but standing in the 21st century, the Samurais will need more than just their swords. That’s why this team of developers has transformed them into cyber Samurais, aka playable NFT characters.
  • By April 2022, there will be 3D versions of all the Samurais, allowing the owners to join the game in the Metaverse 
  • Apart from the game development, Samurai Saga has a whole line-up of other features on the roadmap to keep collectors engaged in its ever-evolving project
  • Join Samurai Saga’s community to get the latest announcements: Discord + Twitter

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