Sphere 3D sues Gryphon Digital Mining for the transmission of bitcoins

The lawsuit between the corporations that once contemplated a merger is allegedly motivated by a Bitcoin counterfeit attack.

According to court filings, crypto miner Sphere 3D sued Gryphon Digital Mining on April 7 after an alleged spoofing assault caused Bitcoin transfers to be unpredictable.

According to the complaint, Gryphon CEO Rob Chang transmitted BTC to a fraudster posing as Sphere 3D’s chief financial officer using a deception attack on January 18. A few days later, eight Bitcoin were sent to the same address.

In a phishing attack, an attacker tries to convince a system or a user that they are someone else by forging data such as IP addresses, email headers, or user credentials in order to obtain access to a system, take sensitive information, or initiate additional attacks.

Since August 2021, Sphere 3D and Gryphon have been business partners. According to the statement, Gryphon is responsible for administering Sphere 3D’s “crypto mining activities” and maintaining “fiduciary duties of Sphere’s digital assets.” As compensation, Gryphon receives 22.5 percent of Sphere’s aggregate profit.

Sphere’s announcement also implies a sour relationship between the firms who were formerly discussing a merger. Trompeter remarked that the petition demonstrates “we will not be intimidated or threatened by Gryphon-like entities.” The administrator stated:

“We will hold Gryphon accountable for their lack of integrity and noncompliance with the terms of our agreement.”

Both companies declare their commitment to expanding crypto mining operations with a carbon-neutral positive effect. In April 2022, the two companies terminated their merger agreement.

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