The Biggest Virtual Reality Club In South America Now Accept Shiba Inu With BitPay

The Shiba Inu is now accepted as a payment method at the largest virtual reality club in South America.

The biggest VR club now recognizes Shiba Inu across North and South America through BitPay. Shiba Inu support was added recently to BitPay and allowed purchase from merchants that accept BitPay or at places where the gift card can be bought using its wallet.

VR World, the largest VR organisation in North and South America, has announced that it would accept cryptocurrencies as payment for products and services through BitPay. VR World is a growing NFT participant, hosting an official party after NFT NYC.

Afterward, VR World hosted the official party for the NFT NYC conference last month, which made it clear to us that cryptocurrency has become a part of everyday life.

Leo Tsimmer, CEO of VR World.

On December. 9th, BitPay, a cryptocurrency-based payment service, announced that its merchants accept Shiba Inu as payment options. Consumers can purchase, store, and swap the coin with a dog theme through the BitPay Wallet application.

Apart from Shiba Inu, the list of supported coins available on BitPay includes Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Wrapped Bitcoin Dogecoin and Litecoin, and five stablecoins that are USD pegged.

Cryptocurrency payments service Flexa recently added support for Shiba Inu, which means that SHIB holders can now spend it at about 40,000 stores across the United States. 

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