The Pokémon Go-style game takes advantage of the NFT model

The marketplace of non-exchangeable tokens (NFT) is ending up being a place of increasingly more ingenious concepts. The Spanish platform is distributing numerous dollars in cryptocurrencies to “hunters” on the planet of enhanced truth (AR). This is a Pokémon Go-style game that occurs in the city of Viga. Regional media are blogging about the case.

Pokémon Go in the blockchain age

The project belongs to the OVR advertising project. This promotes its” platform for decentralized truth enhanced with open source code”.

To increase the interest in its token, the business positioned “treasure chests” with NFTs including different quantities of OVR tokens based upon the Ethereum blockchain in AR. They are concealed in tactical points of the city. The individuals of the video game are needed to utilize the designated mobile application throughout the “searching” and need to get in touch with it by means of their profiles on social networks.

Just Like Pokémon Go, treasure hunters equipped with the OVR app on their smart devices can wander the city searching for NFT chests.

Business owner Antonino Comesaña stated in the media that he went “searching” with his six-year-old boy.

We discovered a complete chest – with a hundred tokens – and we were making 2 or 3 dollars a day. The rate of [ tokens] increased and one early morning we handled to gather approximately  475 euro. I provided to my boy, remembers Comesaña.

Hunters” just get one benefit a day” due to the fact that the designers “wish to get brand-new individuals to play in order to promote using cryptocurrency.”

The 2nd objective of the campaign

It appears that paying attention to the token is not the only function of OVR. The media includes that the application divides the city into 22 districts and provides marketers the capability to position advertisements in the AR world. All this to stand out of treasure hunters. This can be done by buying an NFT provided by OVR.

One marketer paid “$ 1,783 to $ 4,753 for 22 AR signboards” at Balaídos Arena, house of Celta Vigo, La Liga’s city football club. Other popular areas for treasure hunters are the Alameda de Bouzas park, the Príncipe shopping district, and the Vigo sea station.

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