U.S. Senate candidate supports Bitcoin and compares the currency to a melting ice cube

Senatorial candidate for New Hampshire in the United States Bruce Fenton has reaffirmed his support for Bitcoin (BTC) despite his opposition to government regulation of the commodity.

During the August 25 New Hampshire primary debate, Fenton compared the dollar to a melting ice cube and said that the government should not be engaged in the monetary decisions of the people.

The existing monetary system is unstable, according to Fenton, who cites the Federal Reserve’s strategy of creating more money. He argued that the supply limit of Bitcoin is comparable to the dollar.

“We do not need politicians to inform us of the nature of money throughout human history. People have worked it out for thousands of years, whether it’s gold, silver, or Bitcoin, and the reality is that our currency is now broken. 

He added: “Everyone should have the option of selecting better money. If they so desire, I opt for Bitcoin. I advise others to seek an alternative since the dollar is a melting ice crystal.”

Fenton is among the legislators in the United States receiving bitcoin payments prior to the primary. Notably, the forthcoming elections have brought digital assets to the forefront of the current U.S. crypto laws discussion, with various actors pressing for accommodating authorities.

Among the contributors to Fenton’s campaign is Jesse Powell, the chief executive officer of the cryptocurrency exchange Kraken. Notably, all of Powell’s contributions to pro-crypto politicians have been distributed to candidates irrespective of their political party or ideology.

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