Uniswap website falls offline following Cloudflare routing issue

The front-end website of Uniswap is presently unavailable for certain users owing to a Cloudflare routing issue.

The crew of the decentralized exchange encouraged traders to utilize its IPFS link while it works to resolve the problem.

The largest decentralized exchange (DEX) for cryptocurrencies, Uniswap, is experiencing an outage impacting certain customers due to a routing issue at the internet infrastructure company Cloudflare.

Some users are seeing a blank page while opening the Uniswap website, while others seem unaffected. The official project Discord addressed the problem, attributing it to Cloudflare, a technology that provides secure internet connections.

The Uniswap developers requested people to connect to the protocol through its IPFS URL in a Reddit post. 

The issue does not seem to have a detrimental influence on the trading volume of the protocol at this time. According to data from Uniswap, today’s 24-hour trading volume increased 14% to $269 million.

It seems that other DEXs and DEX aggregators are not impacted by the same problem. As of publication, the front-end websites of platforms such as SushiSwap, Kyber, and 1inch are running correctly.

Uniswap is not the first encryption technology to have front-end troubles as a result of a Cloudflare outage. Earlier this year, a similar issue hit a number of controlled exchanges, including FTX, Bitfinex, and OKX. The 2019 month of July saw the same problem affect both Coinbase and CoinMarketCap.

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