Warner Brothers to Release Game of Thrones NFT Collection

The HBO series Game of Thrones is the most popular program anywhere in the globe. Warner Bros. has stated that they will release a set of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) based on the Game of Thrones series on HBO this winter. It did so by collaborating with the Nifty exchange.

The NFT set, titled “Game of Thrones: Build Your Realm,” may be released to consumers before 2023. Holders of the NFTs will be able to use them to make series-related realm avatars and get access to supplementary goods from the collection.

Once in a while, a film or TV show comes along that does so much to advance its genre that it alters the artistic landscape forever. For this generation, that show is unquestionably Game of Thrones. Nifty’s is ecstatic to collaborate with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products on a brand-new kind of digital collectable that will provide unparalleled levels of interaction amongst fans of the series.

Tech Crunch reports that the launch is timely for the corporation, which has been losing money at a rate of $3.4 billion each quarter and is now up to $53 billion in debt.

In order to establish their own virtual kingdom, NFT holders may acquire virtual weaponry, recruit allies, and level up their settings and personalities.

Discovery, Josh Hackbarth oversees NFT business development. When working with fans, we constantly aim to provide them with more options to engage with the stories and characters they adore. We’re thrilled to introduce a new exclusive collectables program that will increase fan involvement and enrich the fan experience for everyone.

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