WhatsApp’s Novi Wallet Pilot Program is available in the U.S

WhatsApp’s pilot program for its new mobile payments service, called “Novi Wallet,” is now available in the U.S.

WhatsApp has launched a new cryptocurrency-based test programme that will enable a small number of individuals in the United States to send and receive bitcoin cash amongst themselves. The application is powered by Novi, the new Facebook (or Meta) cryptocurrency wallet that has gone through many name changes and has failed to get off the ground since it was launched in the summer of this year.

Novi officially launched as a pilot six weeks ago, and they use Pax Dollars (USDP), an exclusive stable currency that also has ties to the US dollar. The company is based on trade through Paxos, which is often used for major business transactions.

The Novi website says that sending crypto will work the same way as sending attachments, and it should work the same way. To get the tool, users need to click the paperclip icon on their Android smartphone or the plus icon on their iPhone. From there, they need to choose a payment method from the list.

There are no restrictions or limitations on how frequently payments may be transferred using Novi, and the company claims that it does not charge for sending or receiving money. As a last benefit, users who keep cryptocurrencies in their Novi willets won’t be charged for custody services. To top it off, transferring money from one bank account to another is free, and payments are often made within minutes.

Stephane Kasriel made the announcement on Twitter:

The Novi wallet and Facebook’s crypto initiative have a long history, and it was initially revealed almost two and a half years ago. The Calibra wallet and its accompanying cryptocurrency, Libra, are expected to be unveiled soon. These items may be used to send money to anybody globally at any time.

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