A Doctor Paid Hitmen $60,000 in Bitcoin to Kidnap His Wife

Dr. Ronald Craig Ilg will serve up to eight years in jail because he paid $60K in BTC to assassins his former colleague and abduct his wife.

Ronald Craig Ilg admits to sending $60,000 in bitcoin to various hitmen on the Dark Web, to inflict severe harm on his ex-colleague. In addition, he made his kidnappers inject his angry wife with heroin to get her to withdraw the divorce case.

Ilg now faces between five and eight years in jail. In November 2022, U.S. officials will reveal the specific sentence.

Ronald Ilg was prepared to bring substantial damage to one of his former coworkers despite his profession. In 2021, he contacted various murderers on the renowned Dark Web and demanded that they injure or perhaps shatter the victim’s hands. He used the username “Scar215” and the passcode “Mufassa$$” to disguise his identity.

Initially, Ilg sent $2,000 in bitcoin to the thieves and gave them the victim’s photograph and address. In addition, he demanded proof of the beating’s completion and promised another assignment in the future:

“I’d want to see proof. If this goes well, I have a second, more demanding task for a very different audience with completely different goals.”

He paid the Dark Web criminals about $60,000 in BTC so they could abduct and inject her with heroin. Under the influence of the medications, Ilg anticipated that she would be able to return to their failing marriage and abandon the divorce proceedings.

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