Binance enabled Iranian corporations to trade billions outside of sanctions

As the crypto industry expands, its involvement in geopolitical complexities increases. Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, apparently assisted Iranian enterprises in evading sanctions.

Reuters’ Angus Berwick and Tom Wilson reported on November 4 that despite U.S. banking and trade restrictions, Binance seems to have completed $8 billion worth of transactions with Iranian companies since 2018.

According to data gathered from the blockchain and crypto analytics platform Chainalysis, the majority of the transactions in the issue occurred between Binance and the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in Iran, Nobitex, which gives guidance on how to circumvent sanctions.

Three-quarters of all relevant Binance transactions were conducted in TRON (TRX), which Nobitex suggested for anonymous trading without “endangering assets owing to penalties,” according to the study.

In response to these charges, Patrick Hillmann, spokesman for Binance, stated: “ is not a U.S.-based corporation, unlike other platforms that have contact with the same U.S.-sanctioned companies. 

In July 2022, Reuters was the first to discover that the exchange continued to function with Iranian customers. Binance replied at the time by stating that it “strictly observes international sanctions legislation” and used “banking-grade measures” to prevent sanctioned companies from utilizing its platform.

Three months ago, Finbold projected that Binance will lose 90% of its customers and “billions of dollars in income” after instituting “know-your-customer” (KYC) checks and withdrawal limits on its platform in July 2021.

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