Bitcoin Lightning Network newcomer Jordan Peterson asks for assistance

It has been reported that Jordan Peterson, a well-known Canadian psychologist and cultural critic, is considering connecting to the Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network.

On February 14, a Twitter user going by the name of Joe Nakamoto issued a challenge to Peterson by suggesting that he utilise a Bitcoin lightning address instead of the popular GoFundMe site to raise money.

This is because Peterson sent a link to a GoFundMe page set up to collect money for a person whose home had been destroyed by fire. Nakamoto requested that Peterson create a lightning address so that anyone from all around the world, even those without access to traditional payment methods, may contribute.

Peterson admitted that he was not very well versed in the art of establishing an address and he kindly requested to be “educated.” Certainly, a few people on Twitter offered to assist Peterson with the address setup. Considering his history of backing the original bitcoin, the Canadian’s willingness to accept the Bitcoin Lighting Network makes sense.

For example, Peterson once saw Bitcoin as the future’s hope at a time of growing inflation. His belief in cryptocurrencies stems from the fact that it is immune to ‘distortions or intervention. The analyst claims that cryptocurrency allows for a really free market.

It is widely believed that this will increase Bitcoin’s popularity and make Bitcoin easier to scale. An all-time high in capacity, or the total quantity of Bitcoin stored in transaction channels, was achieved on February 15 of this year. Since the beginning of 2022, the network has expanded by almost 60%, reaching a new all-time high.

Currently, it can hold 5.53 BTC worth of cryptocurrency. For instance, Strike, a Lightning Network-based payment service, permitted the introduction of Bitcoin payments in El Salvador. In another example, Twitter has used the Lightning Network to accept Bitcoin tips.

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