Canaan Delivered 2000 ASIC Miners To Kazakhstan

Another 2,000 ASIC miners of the Avalon model have been sent to Kazakhstan by the Chinese mining operator Canaan, which owns the Avalon model.

In a tweet, the company confirmed the news:

The company has not announced a specific date for the deployment of freshly arriving miners. Canaan has previously said that they want to raise bitcoin mining capacity to 850,000 Tx / s before the end of the year. The company’s mining farms now generate 32,000 Tx / s.

Apart from Canaan, Bitmain has also established a mining farm in Kazakhstan. Earlier this summer, the mining equipment maker announced a partnership with Kazakhstan’s ENEGIX data centre to deploy Antminer S19 Pro mining machines in the country.

The arrival of Chinese miners turned out to be a good thing for Kazakhstan’s government. Among other things, Alan Dorjiev, who leads a group called the National Association of Blockchain and Data Center Industry in Kazakhstan, says that legal mining alone brings the country $ 230 million each year. As long as we consider the “grey” miners, Dorjiev is sure that two times more money is added to the amount.

People want to use Kazakhstan’s mining facilities more after China banned the production of cryptocurrencies in the country. Kazakstan even made it into the top three in terms of the hashrate of the Bitcoin network because so many people moved there to mine.

Chinese miners were also courted in Russia at one point. RACIB, a Russian blockchain organisation, declared in early August that it would want to bring the world’s miners to Russia. No significant mining companies have arrived in the nation since the declaration, though. However, the Central Bank of Russia is opposed to the idea of legalising mining in the region. According to them, the “development of monetary surrogates” would be aided by regulating the business.

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