Conservative Rival Justin Trudeau Criticizes ‘Irresponsible’ Bitcoin Views

Pierre Poilievre was just elected head of the Conservative Party, and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau wasted no time in attacking his opponent’s Bitcoin stance.

Pierre Poilievre, the recently elected leader of Canada’s Conservative Party, is a Bitcoin fanatic, but Justin Trudeau is not a fan.

Monday in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Trudeau blasted his new political opponent for his “irresponsibility” in pushing cryptocurrency to his supporters.

“It is hardly good leadership to tell people they can avoid inflation by putting their money in unpredictable cryptocurrencies,” he added. The life savings of anybody who followed such advice would have been wiped out.

Trudeau pushed down on this line of attack on Twitter, describing Poilievre’s backing as a “questionable, irresponsible economic notion.” Naturally, many Bitcoiners, including former Kraken executive Dan Held, disapproved of the remark.

On Saturday, Poilievre was chosen as the future leader of the Canadian Conservatives with almost 68% of the party vote. Jean Charest, his runner-up, received just approximately 16% of the vote.

The head of the Conservative Party conducted a campaign mostly centred on fiscal responsibility and lowering inflation, particularly in relation to money supply growth. It’s a popular theme among Bitcoin advocates, who gravitate toward the cryptocurrency as an alternative to “real money” because of its fixed quantity.

Since the beginning of his campaign, Poilievre has been quite open about his views on Bitcoin, making appearances on well-known Bitcoin podcasts. 

“The government is destroying the Canadian currency, therefore Canadians should be able to use alternative currencies, such as Bitcoin,” Poilievre stated during a March protest. Later that day, the MP tweeted a link to a contribution page, urging supporters to reclaim power from “bankers and politicians” and transform Canada into the “blockchain capital of the world.”

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