Cryptocurrency Mining Is Restricted In Iran

Local Iranian cryptocurrency miners have been instructed to shut down their digital currency mining equipment by government officials. Mining is prohibited throughout the winter months.

Local bitcoin miners have been instructed to temporarily cease operations by Iran’s Ministry of Energy. During the coldest months of the year, there are electricity shortages. This is, however, the second time the authorities have taken such measures. The previous prohibition was in effect throughout the spring and summer months.

The Iranian government claims that mining BTC uses too much electricity. As a result, there are power outages. The first mining restriction was implemented at the end of May this year. Officials stated that the power system could not handle the mines’ high energy use, and high heat made the situation more challenging.

Three months later, the Ministry of Energy enacted the same regulations before the winter season, when energy use will peaked again. Mostafa Rajabi Mashhadi, head of Iran’s Grid Management Company (Tavanir), stated in an interview with local media:

The Ministry of Energy has been implementing measures since last month to reduce the use of liquid fuels in power plants, including cutting off power to licensed cryptocurrency mines, shutting down lanterns in less risky areas, and rigorous supervision of consumption.

The director stated that action is important since, as predicted by the Meteorological Organization, the air temperature will begin to plummet this week. This would result in a dramatic rise in electricity usage and jeopardize the national power grid’s operation.

The authorities were particularly tough during the last operation to curb the activity of bitcoin miners. In June, 7,000 dill were seized from an abandoned plant in Tehran, Iran’s capital.

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