Hive will purchase new Intel ASICs for high-performance computing

The HIVE Blockchain Technologies Company (HIVE) announced today that it had signed an agreement with Intel Corporation for the supply of new high-performance ASICs.

In a press release from the company, it also stated that they had sent a letter of intent to Compute North it was to be able to place excavators with a total capacity of 100 megawatts in their new facilities in Texas, which will be 100% renewable energy.

The HIVE company uses 100% green energy to mine bitcoin and ether. The Canadian company’s shares have yet to react to the latest news. However, since November (when BTC reached its ATH), it has fallen by 66%. Compared to a year ago, this means a loss of 31%. However, compared to November 2020, this increase is 350 percent higher.

There is a clear correlation between Hive shares and bitcoin prices, although this year’s increase was more significant than in previous years.

The new Intel ASICs will be much more energy-efficient than those currently on the market. Therefore, they will use less energy while maintaining the same power as their competitors.

Hive’s goal is to become a technological leader in the mining industry. The company wants to do this through research and development, hashrate analysis, and performance optimization to maximize the return on investment.

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