Introducing Block/Space, Presented by Tezos: Immerse Yourself in the Blockchain at SXSW 2022

Austin, TX, 8th March, 2022,

  • Tezos, a leading eco-friendly blockchain, presents Block/Space at SXSW 2022 (March 11-14, 2022), an experiential activation featuring creators and brands reimagining culture on the blockchain today – and what the possibilities are for the future.
  • Block/Space will feature four different experiences: a 3D body scanner to create photorealistic NFT digital avatars; an AR sneaker shop from new NFT marketplace flex that enables try on digital sneakers; an InterPop comic book store illustrating a new dimension to fandom; and a ‘Pantone Very Peri Room’ celebrating Pantone’s Color of the Year 2022 through NFT artworks by artist Polygon1993. A limited number of NFT giveaways exclusively available to attendees will be offered in each activation.
  • The space will also feature an engaging speaker series called Block/Talks, featuring representatives from McLaren Racing, The Gap, Pantone, Sweet, Vyking, leading esports organizations Team Vitality and Misfits Gaming Group, InterPop, actor Khleo Thomas, and many more.

Austin, TX March 8, 2022 – Leading eco-friendly blockchain Tezos will be in the spotlight at SXSW 2022 with Block/Space, an experiential activation that explores how culture is being reimagined on the blockchain – and what the possibilities could be for the future.

Happening in the heart of Austin, TX, at Inn Cahoots boutique hotel (1221 E 6th St), Block/Space will feature four dedicated spaces showcasing how various brands and makers are harnessing the Tezos blockchain to experiment, reinvent, and reimagine aspects of daily life – from the way people establish their digital selves, try on and shop for shoes, participate in fandoms, and appreciate and collect art. Each space will offer a limited number of NFT giveaways each day, which can only be obtained by SXSW festival-goers who visit Block/Space, create a wallet, and scan a QR code in each room.

The experience will also feature a three-day speaker series called Block/Talks (March 11–13), featuring representatives from McLaren Racing, The Gap, Pantone, Sweet, Vyking, leading esports organization Misfits Gaming Group, InterPop, actor Khleo Thomas, and many rising artists and creators that are thriving in the Tezos ecosystem. The speaker series will offer an opportunity to discuss how Web3 and blockchain technology are helping push arts and culture forward. The full schedule and speaker lineup can be found here.

The metaverse, Web3, blockchain technology, and NFTs have become major buzzwords in the last year as companies scramble to understand and invest in these new areas. Rather than abstractly discussing these visions of a distant future, Block/Space will showcase how a thriving new wave of builders on Tezos are already utilizing blockchain technology, and what the implications of these innovations could mean for the near future.

Block/Space will include the following interactive experiences:

  • NFT Yourself into the Metaverse: Step into a 3D scanner to transform your image into a super-high-resolution digital avatar, which can then be minted as a 3D NFT on Tezos. The digital avatar can be used as your new identity in the metaverse, and also opens up potential integrations into gaming, fashion, social media, and virtual reality in the future.
  • Go Ahead, flex It (flex): Get the first look at flex, the first-ever footwear NFT marketplace built on Tezos. Browse the pop-up shoe store and virtually shop flex’s digital sneakers from your phone, including exclusive collections from brands and creators, such as French AR artist johwska. Try shoes on virtually using your smartphone camera, and if you like the way they look, you can buy them as NFTs to take with you into the metaverse.
  • Taking Fandom to a New Dimension (InterPop): Step into a retro-inspired comic book store that gives a peek at the future of digital fandom. Browse and purchase comic book NFTs from InterPop, a digital entertainment company based on the Tezos blockchain, which you can read, collect, sell and trade as you would in a physical store. Unlike the traditional way of passive fandom, this new type of digital ownership with InterPop Comics unlocks the ability for fans to have a say and shape the story – from character costumes to even major storylines. In addition, InterPop will be previewing a brand new series title, The Abyss, at SXSW. Block/Space attendees can collect The Abyss #0 for free and be given the opportunity to shape the future of this brand new story.
  • Experience Art Made for the Metaverse (Pantone): Immerse yourself in Pantone’s Color of the Year 2022, PANTONE® 17-3938 Very Peri, in the Pantone Very Peri Room – a newly created color inspired by our digital lives, with a courageous presence that encourages personal inventiveness and creativity. The space will display four NFT artworks that celebrate the Color of the Year from Paris-based multi-disciplinary artist Polygon1993, in a continuation of his collaboration with Pantone from last year. Between March 11-14, a limited number of the NFTs can be obtained for free by visiting the Pantone Very Peri Room and scanning a QR code. For those not able to attend SXSW, Polygon1993 will also be releasing his original set of Very Peri NFTs as a giveaway online from March 9-10 – follow @pantone on Instagram for more details.

With a pioneering, energy-efficient Proof-of-Stake design and low costs to mint and transact NFTs, Tezos is quickly becoming the premier blockchain for brands, companies, artists, collectors, and builders around the world. Notable organizations building on Tezos include Manchester United, The Gap, Ubisoft, Team Vitality, Formula 1 racing teams Oracle Red Bull Racing and McLaren Racing, banking giant Societe Generale, music NFT platform OneOf, and more. Recently, Tezos exhibited a highly successful NFT interactive experience as a premier blockchain partner at Art Basel in Miami Beach in December 2021.

Block/Space will be open from March 11-14, 2022, starting at 10:30 AM Central Time at Inn Cahoots, 1221 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702. Block/Talks panel discussions will be broadcast live at from March 11-13, 2022. Please click here for more information on the experience and full speaker panel schedule.

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