Iranian Authorities Arrest Bitcoin Supporter Ziya Sadr

According to a friend of Sadr, the Iranian blockchain professor was detained in Tehran on September 19 and has not been released.

According to various accounts, Ziya Sadr, an Iranian Bitcoin supporter, was detained by Iranian security agents last month.

CoinDesk spoke with Nima Yazdanmehr, who identified himself as Sadr’s buddy and said the arrest occurred on the streets of Tehran on September 19. The arrest occurred in the midst of huge anti-government demonstrations in response to the state assassination of Mahsa Amini.

Sadr is a prominent Bitcoin instructor, YouTuber, and proponent of the technology. He has translated Bitcoin-related information into Farsi and encouraged methods of using Bitcoin for personal transactions that prioritise anonymity.

Yazdanmehr claims that despite being imprisoned in Fashafouyeh Prison, Sadr is still in touch with his loved ones.

In the weeks after the demonstrations, the Iranian regime jailed hundreds of Iranian individuals and activists, including Sadr. Sadr’s support for Bitcoin may be the reason for the Iranian government’s interest in him, although this is not known at this time.

As CoinDesk has learned from many reliable sources, Sadr was not present at a demonstration when he was taken into custody.

Sadr was scheduled to be freed on bail on Sunday, but Yazdanmerh reports that large arrests resulting from the demonstrations have delayed bail petitions throughout Iran. Yazdanmerh reports that Sadr’s Twitter account was been deleted by a reliable third party.

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