Kazakhstan will allow banks to process crypto transactions

Soon, many institutions will be allowed to offer direct exposure to cryptocurrency for business and business. This will enable the Asian government to assess the benefits and risks of virtual currencies.

According to reports, the Government of Kazakhstan will allow regional banking institutions to offer their customers direct exposures to cryptocurrencies. The government will determine whether to extend the period of implementation after a year.

Kazakhstan is interested in crypto

Khabar 24 Kazakh News reported that the government was preparing to formally license regional bank accounts to facilitate transactions with digital assets.

Sergey Putra, a board member at Data Center Sector, thinks that the move will lead to more adoption of cryptocurrencies. He remembered that Kazakhstan is already a mining centre and that many locals sell many digital assets. Putra was worried that the cryptocurrency marketplace could lead to a significant circulation of money for Kazakhstan.

It is billions of dollars in daily turnover around the world. And even if Kazakhstan takes some fraction of a percent, this is serious money that will come to Kazakhstan in the form of investments…it will remain here in the form of taxes, in the form of jobs, and salaries. This is a very large industry, which Kazakhstan still bypasses.

The government will allow banks and trading systems to work together. All they have to do is sign an agreement. Local investors will be able to buy and sell Bitcoin and other altcoins in the 12-month pilot project.

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