Chicago Bulls will launch NFT via Shopify

Shopify allows the Chicago Bulls to showcase their NFT. The Tokens will be used to celebrate 6 teams’ victories in the 1990 championship.

Shopify is a global company that provides web based storefronts. Harley Finklestein is the Shopify PRESIDENT. He has now announced a partnership for the Chicago Bulls, an iconic basketball team. Michael Jordan.

Finklestein stated that Chicago Bulls are one of Shopify’s first partners in launching an NFT storefront. Shopify’s president said that it would only be available to a few people during its initial stages.

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The NFT’s very first launch was July 26th and is currently sold out. Basketball fans will quickly have the ability to buy the 2nd NFT. In the next four days, the staying 4 NGOs will be on the marketplace.

The Bulls Tradition Collection will be available in 6 tokens. Each token will represent six team’s renowned wins from 1991 to 1998.

The NFT Chicago Bulls were produced in the exact same method as main certified collections of NBA TopShot tokens. These tokens honor the best wins in the history the league.

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