LUNA outperformed Ethereum in terms of funds stored

According to the most recent data, there are currently 226,325 investors in LUNA, with a total value of $29.5 billion. As a result, the network becomes the second-largest chain in this regard.

According to Staking Rewards data, Terra (LUNA) outperformed Ethereum in terms of value blocked on the network. Luna has a total funding of $29.5 billion, while Ethereum has $25.9 billion.

Luna beats Ethereum

As per the platform’s data, 226,325 users are presently staking LUNA, making it the second most staked cryptocurrency asset, with a four-fold edge over ETH (54,768). With a market capitalization of $35 billion, Solana continues to be the market leader.

LUNA is expected to return 6.62 percent on average in terms of annual stake rewards, while Ethereum will return 4.81 percent. Polkadot (DOT) is the most profitable of the top ten assets, with a profit margin of 13.92 percent.

However, the information we have provided above has sparked a lot of debate. Some cryptocurrency enthusiasts have pointed out that Llama’s DeFi data appears to be in stark contrast to the figures above.

According to Llama’s DeFi data, Ethereum dominates its competitors in terms of total blocked value (TVL). Vitalik Buterin’s network has a TVL of $111.4 billion versus $23.35 billion for TVL LUNA.

The discrepancy is due to the fact that these figures include security locked in DeFi protocols, not merely ETH staked in a Beacon chain. At present pricing, explorer reports 9.7 million ETH stake’owancyh valued at roughly $26.5 billion.

Nevertheless, it is clear that interest in LUNA has suddenly skyrocketed. With a TVL value of $12.03 billion, TVL LUNA has climbed by 26.905 percent in the last seven days, placing it well ahead of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

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