Method Man, the legendary leader of the Wu-Tang Clan, releases his NFT

Method Man, the legendary rapper from Wu-Tang Clan, is launching his own comic book anthology series. But, it will be released in the form of an NFT is a bit unexpected. ‘Part One: The Beginning’ is the first part of the Tical World saga. It is filled with original art, animation, and music.

Method Man and New York artist Alex Smetsky signed the first edition, featuring original artwork inspired by Killa Beez. Rappers Associated with the Wu-Tang Clan are known as Killa Beez. Both The Swarm and The Sting were released in 1998.

This comic is based upon the Flow blockchain. It currently supports the highly popular CryptoKitties NFT and NBA Top Shots NFT from Dapper Labs.

The comic will include Method Man’s previously unreleased music and digital animation that depicts the history of the Tical World. A VIP card for Tical Athletics (Method Man’s sportswear brand) will be included as a bonus.

Method Man isn’t new to cryptocurrency. In November 2020, the C.R.E.A.M. Finance protocol decentralized released a new jingle. Method Man sang over an acoustic beat.

However, not all comic books use blockchain. Marvel Comics announced the N.F.T. entry in June. 3D models and sculptures. This was made possible by N.F.T. VeVe.

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