Mt Pelerin Launches Mobile App to Onboard Projects on Tezos

Zug, Switzerland, 13th March, 2022,

Mt. Pelerin, a Swiss fintech company, announced the launch of a mobile wallet app that will allow any project building on Tezos to easily onboard in the ecosystem. The mobile app, Bridge Wallet, will provide an on and off ramp service available as a standalone interface. Any project building on Tezos can freely add this new crypto-fiat gateway interface to their website or mobile app and enable their users to get started with transferring funds in and out of the Tezos ecosystem within minutes.

Since Mt. Pelerin operates under a Swiss regulatory framework, the company allows for compliant KYC-less transactions up to $1k per day, $15k per month and $100k per year. By removing this typical crypto onboarding pain point, users can jump right into the process of exchanging fiat for tez to the self custodial wallet of their choice, and back to their bank account around the globe. Consumers can exchange more than 20 fiat currencies and in 171 countries, by bank transfer or by card for instant purchases. The interface also enables users to set up crypto savings plans and DCA strategies through permanent orders of the amount and time interval of their choice.

Mt. Pelerin is also partnering with French company Lugh to activate their Euro-backed stablecoin in the service. As a result, Mt Pelerin will be the first provider to offer EUR-L on and off ramp for the Tezos ecosystem as a non-custodial exchange service.

For more information about Mt Pelerin’s Tezos on/off ramp service and how to get started setting it up on

About Mt Pelerin

Mt Pelerin is a regulated Swiss fintech company working since 2018 to bring the ultimate experience in financial services blurring the frontier between the crypto world and traditional finance. It offers today unique crypto-fiat services to retail and business users, develops non-custodial mobile app Bridge Wallet, and provides leading asset tokenization services around its platform Bridge Protocol. Mt Pelerin was bootstrapped by its own community through an equity crowdfunding that raised more than $2 million in 2018, the first one to offer a tokenized share, the MPS token, with full voting and dividend rights to the public.

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About Tezos

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