Nayib Bukele criticizes Reuters for publishing FUD about his country’s bitcoin bonds

Nayib Bukele, the president of El Salvador, has publicly asked Reuters to stop spreading “FUD” on the country’s bitcoin bonds.

Nayib Bukele appeals to Reuters

Bukele has criticized Reuters for claiming that Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (C.Z.) flew to El Salvador to save BTC-based bonds.

Do not spread false information

On Twitter, Bukele wrote to Reuters.

Furthermore, he added that the reports purporting that C.Z. flew to him to save the bitcoin bond offer are inaccurate.

As previously reported, El Salvador was supposed to issue these securities in mid-March. However, in light of the current geopolitical situation, it was decided to wait. Bukele stated the delay was caused by legislative issues, and his meeting with C.Z. has nothing to do with the bond offer – it’s about “other matters”.

Bukele received assistance from a Bologna-based bond-insurance company, Bitfinex’s Chief Technology Officer Paolo Ardoino, who stated that enacting the bond issuance regulations was one of the main reasons for the delay.

Former Blockstream chief strategy officer Samson Mow, who is the partner of El Salvador’s bond program, remarked that “nothing has changed” in the project.

Alejandro Zelaya, El Salvador’s finance minister, had earlier announced that the $1 billion bond would hit the market at the end of September; he cited geopolitical instability as a major factor in the delay.

Is the U.S. afraid of bitcoin?

Bobble also protested the U.S. government, responding to a bill being considered by the relevant committee on Wednesday, aiming to minimize U.S. exposure to El Salvador’s financial system after adopting bitcoin as legal tender. The entire U.S. Senate is expected to vote on the bill on Thursday.

I would have never thought that the U.S. government would be afraid of what we are doing here.

As a response, Bukele wrote on Twitter.

There is no doubt that the government of the United States does not favor freedom.

– he noted.

El Salvador plans to issue Bitcoin-backed bonds to accumulate larger Bitcoin reserves and finance “Bitcoin City,” a city that will use geothermal energy from nearby volcanoes to power its bitcoin mine. The remaining $500 million will be invested directly in Bitcoin, with half of the proceeds used for construction costs.

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