Polygon Network (MATIC) Suffered Downtime

The Polygon network stopped working from 17:50 UTC on March 10 to about 4 a.m. UTC on March 11. However, it seems that users’ funds are safe.

Why did Polygon stop working?

Yesterday, Polygon developers informed users about the impending network downtime. The reason was to be a planned update of the Heimdall network, and this implementation is used by one of the two layers of the proof-of-stake chain of the network. Team members confirmed the outage on March 10 at 17:50 UTC but stressed that there was no risk to users’ funds during this time.

Although we are working to determine the final cause. It seems to be an earlier update to improve minota parameterization in the Ethereum state synchronization/bridging module to Polygon PoS.

The developers explained that there may have been a bug in the update that affected the consensus and led to different Heimdall validators working on different versions of the blockchain. This prevented them from reaching a consensus of 2/3.

Temporary fix

Around 4 a.m. UTC on March 11, the team successfully introduced a fix that restored the Polygon network. However, it is only temporary, and the bridge itself “will not be active until Polygon solves the problem to the end.” The latest update reads:

We wish to thank you for your patience during this time and have an update. We have implemented a temporary fix that will unlock the Bor chain and resume the production of blocks on the Polygon chain. This solution will be temporary. However, the team is working to resolve the issue with Heimdall in the long term.

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