SEC may target its ex-official to win the case against Ripple

William Hinman is a former United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) commissioner. Between 2017 to 2020, he served for the SEC’s corporation finance division. Later Hinman joined as an advisory partner to the a16z’s crypto team.

In 2018, Hinman passed an official comment on the nature of Ethereum (ETH) & said that Ethereum was a security under the SEC’s purview. Hinman’s speech is available in a document, named Hinman document. Recently the court judge rejected the SEC’s motion & ordered them to submit those documents in court, for the XRP Lawsuit proceedings.

As per reports, San Francisco headquartered blockchain firm Ripple’s defence lawyers are very close to using the Hinman document to use against the SEC’s charges and people believe that Ripple may score a full victory in this case. 

Just a few days ago, the SEC staff deleted Hinman’s bio from the SEC’s official website. 

A crypto legal expert shared his opinion on such back-end activities and indirectly said that the SEC body may use Hinman as a lamb in the case. 

This legal expert also hinted that the SEC body was probably trying to delete some useful data from the website, to drag Hinman under the bus.

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