SKT Launches his first Blockchain powered Certification App

The South Korean mobile service provider SK Telecom (SKT) has introduced the launch of a blockchain-powered ID and also verification certifications service.

According to Gvalley Information, SK Telecommunications, part of the SK company corporation and one of the two greatest mobile service providers and also internet suppliers in the country, the service– an app named Preliminary– will be interoperable with the Ministry of Safety And Security as well as Public Administration’s very own electronic record wallet solution.

Seoul has actually been eager to speed up the rollout of paper- and also contact-free electronic alternatives to authentication-reliant procedures, and also has backed a variety of business checking out decentralized ID (DID) technology.

The provider has practically 29 million customers, including around 2.5 million 5G clients.

And SKT claimed that its Preliminary application will certainly enables customers to “issue, shop, and send a range of certifications on their smartphones “utilizing blockchain and also DID (Decentralized ID) innovation,” which it asserts will offer “excellent security” to prevent “imitation and also meddling.”

The company claims that Preliminary will work with clinical certificates, service enrollment, social security cards, migration papers and also single-parent family certification– variables that could, in theory, permit individuals to register a company directly from their smart phones.

SKT has actually been dealing with a variety of federal government organs on blockchain-related solutions for the past few years. In 2019, it introduced the launch of an enterprise blockchain platform with consortium companions, and also has actually been servicing Preliminary DID-related developments with government technology firms, industrial financial institutions, smartphone makers as well as other South Oriental service providers.

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