State authorities seize management of Signature Bank, while federal regulators insure deposits

Federal authorities said in a joint statement that both Silicon Valley Bank and Signature depositors may anticipate receiving their total deposits.

In a separate statement, U.S. federal bank authorities guaranteed the complete restoration of client money at Silicon Valley and Signature Bank.

“The institution will refund all deposits in full. As with the settlement of Silicon Valley Bank, no taxpayer losses will be suffered “In a joint statement, the Federal Reserve Board, Treasury Department, and FDIC guaranteed that “no taxpayer losses will be sustained.”

The Federal Reserve has created an emergency lending resource accessible to banks if deposit runs are comparable to the one at Silicon Valley Bank. 

A senior Treasury official informed the press that regulators were worried about expanding deposit runs to other banks.

“Today’s efforts were meant to restrict the impact of depositor withdrawals from Silicon Valley and Signature and to minimise any secondary effects,” the official said. “Depositors were anxious about other financial institutions.”

Nonetheless, the source emphasized that the federal government’s decision to compensate all depositors does not constitute a bailout.

“The companies are not receiving a bailout. The depositors are being safeguarded”, according to the official. For businesses with uninsured accounts at these two banks, “operations and the ability to continue processing payrolls are crucial.”

Both banks connect with the digital asset business, although Signature has dealt with stablecoin startups more directly. Due to its location and competence, Silicon Valley was home to a disproportionate number of tech businesses and venture capital firms.

Signature and now-defunct Silvergate, which opted to cease operations this week, were two of the most prominent banks employed by cryptocurrency startups, raising the issue of where they may turn next.

The signature had taken measures at the end of the previous year to reduce the concentration of cryptocurrency deposits it held by imposing a 20% limit.

The authorities said, “Today, we are taking bold steps to defend the U.S. economy by boosting public trust in our financial system.” This action will guarantee that the U.S. banking system continues to execute its essential functions of preserving deposits and providing access to credit to individuals and companies in a way that fosters robust and sustainable economic development.

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