‘Very Lucky’ Miner Solved Bitcoin Block for $148k Payout

A single Bitcoin miner was paid for adding block 780,112 to the Bitcoin network, beating the odds while many others were competing for the same prize.

The miner set up a solo mining pool with the help of the Solo CK Pool mining service, generated a valid hash for the block and was rewarded with 6.25 Bitcoin plus a fee reward of about 0.63 Bitcoin, or over $148,000 as calculated by the Bitcoin explorer on BTC.com.

A Twitter user pointed out how fortunate the solitary miner was to obtain the proper hash, stating it would generally take a miner significantly longer to construct a legitimate transaction given the low computer power they employed.

“A miner of this magnitude will, on average, solve a block once every ten months,” tweeted @ckpooldev. They have been mining alone for the last two days and have been quite fortunate.”

According to data collected by @ckpooldev, the miner operated at an average hashrate of 6.7 PH/s. When the block was added, Bitcoin’s overall hash rate was about 308,262 PH/s; therefore, the lone miner’s hash rate of 6.7 PH/s constituted approximately 0.002% of the blockchain’s total processing power.

A username on the Bitcoin site bitcointalk.org claimed credit for obtaining the legitimate hash, stating that he leased additional computing capacity for less than a day using the nicehash service.

It is a tremendous stroke of luck to find a block with such a hashrate, commented the forum member Pineconeeee

According to his tweet, the lone miner from Russia claimed that they regularly utilize 270 TH/s (terahashes per second) of processing power but leased 5 PH/s (petahashes per second) of power last Thursday.

The block produced by the solitary miner contains 3,220 Bitcoin transactions valued at around $16,940.

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