ZkSync opens the door for Ethereum developers while the network is still in development

During this phase, however, the mainnet will remain inaccessible to end users. Moreover, the team has nicknamed the 2.0 mainnet as zkSync Era.

Ethereum scaling answer zkSync has launched its next development phase, “fair onboarding alpha,” which permits some registered projects to deploy on the mainnet. Also, the team has rebranded their previous network, zkSync 2.0, to zkSync Era.

When complete, ZkSync’s zkEVM will be a ZK-Rollup Layer 2 scaling solution that is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The “baby alpha” version of the project was released in October, although it was exclusively accessible within the company. At the conclusion of this phase, the network was restarted in an event known as regenesis. This took into consideration modifications to the code as a result of audits. Now, the project is in its second phase, the fair onboarding alpha.

During this initial phase of project registration, zkSync Era will be made available for testing and production deployments of registered projects’ apps with token bridging enabled. During this phase, the mainnet will remain inaccessible to end users. The team underlined that ongoing expenditures in audits and bug bounty programs will continue to safeguard the platform’s security. 

This comes after zkSync rival Polygon recently announced plans to release its zkEVM network in March.

Polygon, Starknet, zkSync, and Scroll are just some of the Layer 2 projects that have been battling for the past year to create a ZK-based Layer 2 that can natively serve Ethereum applications. None of these initiatives has yet made a product available to the public, but that may change in the coming months, with zkEVMs from Polygon and others like zkSync poised to go live. Also, Matter Labs is anticipated to unveil a new road map soon.

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