Apple bans ChatGPT use for employees

The giant smartphone manufacturer decided to prohibit the employees from interacting with ChatGPT directly citing sensitive data privacy threats. 

Apple is an American giant luxurious smartphone manufacturer firm, which is only known for iPhone smartphones. This firm is known to provide a better ecosystem under its product services. 

On 18 May 2023, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that Apple ordered the employees from interacting with ChatGPT AI ChatBot because mishandling this AI chatbot may result in the potential leak of the company’s data. 

The report noted that Apple only banned some particular employees, not all, from ChatGPT use. 


ChatGPT is a top-level AI chatbot, launched by the AI tech firm in Nov of last year. Just recently this firm released the latest version of ChatGPT.

This ChatBot can perform several tasks within a matter of clicks within a very small time frame.

Recently OpenAI launched an app version of its AI bot & also launched on PlayStore & Apple’s app store. 

Apple & AI Innovations

According to tech experts, Apple is already involved in AI tech innovations. The first AI chatbot project by Apple was Siri, which is available to use for Apple smartphone users. 

With the latest decision, Apple joined the Samsung firm which also restricted some of its users from using ChatGPT. 

Some crypto enthusiasts claimed that such types of increasingly action against ChatGPT are going to bring an era for the blockchain technology-powered fully decentralised model of AI in the future.

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