Bitcoin Depot expands in the USA and Canada.

The largest bitomamate producer in the world has announced it will expand to Circle K locations in Canada and the United States.

Bitcoin Depot today announced that over 700 of its bitomamas were installed in Circle K shops in 30 US states. These machines were part of a partnership. According to the distributor of cryptocurrency ATMs, the expansion could give financial access tools to uneasy communities and encourage more people into the cryptocurrency space.

We feel that the Circle K brand has a wide and diverse customer base with people from all walks of life visiting these stores,

Mintz told CoinDesk.

Bitcoin Depot Growing Rapidly

According to the company, it has over 3,500 bitomers currently operating in the United States and Canada. Customers can now purchase more than 30 cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin(LTC), and Ether (ETH). Circle K’s Canadian operator Alimentation Couche-Tard reports that it operates approximately 7,150 stores in the United States and 2,111 in Canada.

Bitcoin Depot made public its decision to suspend support for specific machines located in high-risk locations during the ongoing pandemic. The company announced that services had been restored to all areas since then, despite increased deaths and COVID-19 cases in the United States.

As the crypto ATM market continues to grow, this tie-up is a natural result. According to Bitcoin Depot, the industry is growing by 155% annually.
Mintz declined to comment on the current machines at Bitcoin Depot but stated that “transaction volumes continue to grow” over time.

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