US Banking Giant Accused of Abruptly Closing Accounts, Violating Customers’ Rights: Report

US Financial Giant and UK Banks Under Investigation for Allegedly Debanking Clients Based on Political Views

A major US financial institution, along with two British banks, is currently facing scrutiny as authorities investigate allegations of debanking clients due to their political views. The investigation launched by Her Majesty’s (HM) Treasury aims to shed light on politically motivated unbanking practices that have raised concerns in recent times. The Telegraph has reported on this matter, citing specific incidents that are central to the investigation.

Accusations against Metro Bank:
Metro Bank has come under fire for allegedly closing bank accounts associated with the political party Reform UK in 2021. Additionally, UKIP leader Nigel Farage claimed that the Brexit Party’s Metro accounts were abruptly shut down in 2020. Such actions have triggered accusations of politically motivated decisions.

Closure of Nigel Farage’s accounts at Coutts Bank:
Nigel Farage faced further account closures when his accounts at Coutts Bank were terminated, with bank staff stating that his views did not align with their values. These closures have sparked questions about the banks’ handling of clients with controversial political stances.

Richard Tice’s encounter with American Express:
Richard Tice, the leader of Reform UK, had his American Express account cut off after the financial institution demanded certain documents from him, a request he refused to comply with. This incident adds weight to the investigation and highlights concerns regarding account terminations.

Yorkshire Building and the case of Richard Fothergill:
Yorkshire Building allegedly closed the account of Richard Fothergill, a reverend, after he inquired about the bank’s stance on supporting transgender individuals and celebrating Pride month. The bank, however, has not provided clear reasons behind the decision to close his account, prompting further scrutiny.

Government’s Response:
Andrew Griffith, the Economic Secretary to the Treasury, has taken a strong stance on the issue. He has called in executives from top banks, financial institutions, and payment providers to discuss their treatment of prominent clients expressing controversial political views. Griffith’s letter emphasizes that the government firmly believes banks and payment service providers should not terminate contracts based on users’ lawful exercise of freedom of expression, a fundamental right protected in British society.

As the investigation unfolds, the focus remains on determining whether customers’ accounts were wrongfully suspended and terminated due to their political views. The government’s commitment to safeguarding the freedom of expression is clear, and it is determined to take the necessary actions to protect this fundamental right for all individuals in British society.

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